Learn Without Concern

During the pandemic, over 27,000 peel students continue to face challenges and difficulties when participating in online education. With the difficulty the ongoing pandemic has posed, this has affected students all over the city of Mississauga, especially those from communities with limited resources.

The struggles of students wanting to learn continue to amplify as the pandemic progresses. The families of these students continue to financially struggle being deemed unable to provide for their children's simple necessities like school lunches. These students are also expected to continue their online delivered studies despite being unable to afford electronics for easily online schooling access. Schools in Mississauga are currently facing difficulties providing electronics for so many students in need in addition to providing the less fortunate students with school lunches. Fortunately for you and the students, you can help eliminate just one of these struggles and ease the path for the students to learn without concern.

We are hoping to raise $10,000 to ensure these students are provided with meals and electronics to help them get the education they deserve without being concerned for equal access of nutrition and electronics. With this goal, we aim to purchase 60 electronic devices and provide 1000 school lunches to students in Mississauga schools located in lower socioeconomic status areas in the city.

We believe that no child should be faced with a barrier to obtaining proper access to education. With your donations, we will make sure to provide these students with the necessities to succeed in school.

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