Lebanon Relief Aid

On August 4th, the largest explosion the world has seen in decades swept through Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. The massive explosion claimed over 170 lives and left over 5000 wounded. Homes and businesses were destroyed leaving at least 300,000 people devastated and homeless. A nation that was already in the midst of a severe economic crisis and covid-19 outbreak is in desperate need of aid.

We, Bridging Borders and Alif, want to help the people of Lebanon as much as we can. We’ve partnered up to start a campaign in order to raise funds for those impacted in Beirut. Your funds will be used to purchase aid items in bulk from Canada that will then be shipped to Beirut. We have partnered with Nusaned, a local non-profit on the frontlines in Beirut helping those who suffered most. Nusaned will be distributing the aid we send first-hand.
The shipping costs have been generously covered by a corporate sponsor who prefers to remain anonymous, rendering 100% of all funds raised entirely directed towards the aid items.

With your help we will be able to send critical aid to Beirut. Every single dollar counts! Even if you are unable to contribute financially, do not undermine the power of sharing and the power of coming together as a community.

Please feel free to contact us at contact@bridgingborders.co if you have any questions.

Thank You for support,
Bridging Borders and Alif teams